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Welcome to, Tonk Exports Name after WORLD Famous city “Tonk” in India for its bespoke wool handicrafts and premium-quality felt articles. With a legacy spanning nearly half a century, we take immense pride in our rich heritage and generations of expertise in the art of felt manufacturing. Our legacy is deeply intertwined with four distinguished manufacturing units that share our commitment to excellence. we draw from a rich tapestry of tradition and expertise. This collective endeavour ensures that each product we offer carries the hallmark of quality, authenticity, and meticulous craftsmanship. Tonk Exports is a proud member of Export promotion council for Handicrafts (EPCH),Our central focus remains on keeping the woollen handicrafts alive, and are constantly striving to inculcate it in our products and lay global foundation.

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Curated Products
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Empowering Women Artisans Through Craftsmanship​

At our manufacturing units,we are dedicated to fostering empowerment and independence among women. Through our initiatives, we offer employment prospects and extensive training initiatives that enable women to transcend boundaries and achieve self-reliance. By establishing sustainable job opportunities in underserved regions and neighbouring villages of Tonk, we are instrumental in nurturing the growth and success of these remarkable women.we hold in high regard the exceptional contributions of our women artisans. Over 60% of our skilled craftspeople are accomplished women who infuse every creation with their artistic prowess, creativity, and dedication. We take immense pride in fostering an environment that empowers these talented artisans, providing them a platform to showcase their skills, contribute to their families, and enrich their communities

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each product bearing the Tonk Exports emblem epitomizes our commitment to unwavering quality and craftsmanship.

Our meticulous attention to detail, from sourcing the finest wool to crafting each piece by hand, guarantees an experience of pure excellence. Whether you’re drawn to our intricate felt sculptures, cozy home décor items, or personalized gifts, rest assured that each creation encapsulates a part of our passion and soul. Tailored to Your Vision: Beyond our curated collection, we’re excited to bring your design aspirations to life. Share your ideas, and watch as our skilled artisans transform your concepts into bespoke felt artistry, tailored to your unique home and decor preferences