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Unleash joy with our curated collection of premium Products. Elevate playtime with the best, fostering creativity and endless smiles

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Experience wholesale enchantment! Elevate your business with bulk Products purchases, offering excitement, variety, and unbeatable value for all.

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Whimsical wonders handcrafted with warmth. Our woolen toys spark imagination, a cozy embrace of tradition and cherished by all.

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Our vision extends beyond mere products. We aspire to share the allure and versatility of felt
with the world, while also spotlighting the remarkable contributions of our artisans. Through
our dedication to empowering them, we aim to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the artistry
and dedication inherent in every piece.

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Your contentment is our priority. With an in-house inspection team, we surpass expectations, ensuring excellence by meticulously overseeing production phases.

At Tonk exports your satisfaction is paramount. To ensure that your expectations are exceeded, we’ve established a dedicated in-house inspection team. This team is integral to our commitment to excellence, meticulously overseeing each phase of production.

Our attention to detail extends to the packaging of your order. Before your goods are dispatched, our inspection team conducts a thorough review of randomly selected packaged boxes (customized based on your order). This final check guarantees that the products and packaging meet our elevated standards, underscoring our dedication to providing you with a flawless experience. We appreciate your trust in Tonk Exports and look forward to delivering products that embody our unwavering pursuit of quality.

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Tonk Exports stands out for their rich legacy and commitment to authenticity. Their felt articles bring a touch of tradition and elegance to our catalog. We admire their association with the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, reflecting their dedication to the craft.

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Tonk Exports has been our trusted partner for sourcing premium felt articles. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail shine through in every product. We appreciate their dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship, which aligns perfectly with our brand values.